Drug addiction is a serious menace that has not only claimed countless lives but destroyed many in its wake. Among one of the most highly addictive drugs is heroin. It is mostly used as a recreational drug by youths nowadays due to its high euphoric effects. Despite its wide recreational uses, it has serious side effects such as respiratory complications, euphoria, heart complications and pneumonia among others and can also lead to death. Living as a heroin addict is a daunting challenge not only to the addict but also the family and friends.

Seeking help and assistance for a heroin addict is the first step towards recovery. Despite all the available treatments that can be sort after, ibogaine treatment has proven to be one of the most effective in the battle against heroin addiction. Ibogaine is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic compound derived from the Tabernanthe iboga plant and is highly effective in the treatment of heroin and cocaine addiction. Due to its high effectiveness, numerous institutions offering ibogaine treatment for addicts have cropped up. Sieving legitimate institutions that offer top quality services from illegitimate ones has become increasingly difficult.

Ibogaine Central has become a leading institution in the fight against heroin addiction. With its wide resources, professionals and the best ibogaine treatment networks, it has emerged as the top ibogaine treatment sourcing institution. With its strict regulations and requirements, Ibogaine Central offers only the best for its clients anything less is unacceptable. They offer top-notch services and are dedicated to ensuring addicts have a smooth and comfortable journey towards recovery from addiction.


With the emergence of numerous ibogaine treatment centers, finding a reputable and up-to-standards ibogaine treatment center can be a daunting and hectic challenge. With its wide network of the best ibogaine centers in the world, you are not only guaranteed that your needs will be aptly taken care of but also receive the best up-to-date quality service available.

TREATMENT PROCEDURE: Preparation and Guidance

Before undertaking the procedure, preparation and guidance is offered to the client. The procedure is explained in details by the doctors and expectations and goals are set. In addition, the risks are explained to the addict, this is so as to prepare him or her for the treatment. After an agreement to continue, various medical tests are conducted such as heart screening and ECG. These are done so as to ascertain that the patient does not have any other medical condition that could lead to some complications during the treatment. A therapist is made available to the client for consultation for any issue that may arise and to ensure he/she has a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere during the preparation for the procedure.

After adequate therapy sessions and tests, the patient is prepared for the procedure. Enough dosage of ibogaine is administered to the client. During the Ibogaine treatment, the client experiences hallucinations and are able to remember past memories and critical events in their lives that have been reasons of their addiction. They are able to reflect on their past and identify how they arrived at their current predicament.

Ibogaine is administered, by a professional doctor, in regulated dosage. During this period, the patient is in a reflective mood and tries to learn more about himself. This is a key part in the treatment. This is because the client is able to clearly identify his/her mistakes and also what is important to him/her. This helps in preventing actions that might lead to recurrence of heroin addiction.

After receiving adequate medication, adequate follow-up procedures are administered so as to prevent recurrence. The client is also given time to relax and absorb the experience. A therapist is provided so as to make the transition even smoother. Support is an important aspect in this stage and is crucial in ensuring the recovering addict is comfortable and well taken care of. Family members and friends are encouraged to be caring and more supportive during this stage.


Treatment of addiction

Compared to other forms of heroin addiction treatment, ibogaine has been proven to be the most effective and has yielded great results. The procedure used has been proven to be safe and has long-term effects in curbing heroin addiction. In addition, ibogaine is non-addictive, this means that the patient’s addiction will not switch over to ibogaine. With enough care and support from family, friends and doctors, one can live a drug-free life.

The therapy provided during the treatment helps in solving any issues the patient might have been dealing with. This helps in reducing recurrence of the addiction. The addict is able to focus and set his own goals towards improving his life. In addition, the recovering addict is able to reflect deeply about his past, allowing him to make amends with any unresolved issues that might have driven him to heroin use. Therapy also boosts the patient’s psychology and helps him/her understand his situation. All this is aimed at giving the patient a new lease on life without any unresolved past issues dragging him/her down.

Reduces withdrawal symptoms

Drug addicts often experience withdrawal symptoms as they seek treatment or as they recover. Withdrawal symptoms are difficult to handle and can even be fatal if unchecked. Ibogaine has proven to be an effective prevention method for withdrawal symptoms among drug addicts. Its properties inhibit cravings to drugs, thus preventing recurrence and withdrawal symptoms.

Encouragement and support

Support and encouragement for addicts seeking assistance is an important and vital aspect towards recovery. Being surrounded by the people you love stimulates one to do his best and let go of the past. Support from friends discourages isolation and encourages one to openly air out his/her issues. Adequately equipped and surrounded by professionals, ibogaine treatment centers offer their client enough care and support to see them through their treatment. Integration with other recovering addicts also helps with the recovery process.

Improvement in health

Health issues that arise due to heroin addiction are aptly dealt with during the ibogaine treatment. Therapy is administered to boost mental health. The series of tests undertaken before the procedure highlight any malady that the patient might be suffering from. This is key to ensuring they are taken care of before the procedure. The strict diet and fitness regime offered during and after the treatment plays a major role in not only ensuring your treatment is working well but also in improving your overall mental and physical health.

Live A Drug-Free Life with Ibogaine Heroin Treatment

Being one of the most addictive drugs, dealing with heroin addiction is a challenging and difficult procedure to handle without any professional supervision or qualified medical assistance. Finding the best ibogaine treatment center is key to ensuring you are well catered for and your needs are met. Ibogaine Central understands this challenge and is dedicated to lifting some of the load for you.

Ibogaine Central offers heroin addicts the best and valuable services in sourcing for a reputable and top-notch ibogaine treatment center. Their strict standards and demand for high-quality services is guaranteed. They are dedicated to ensuring all your treatment needs are provided with the utmost precision and care available. If you want to learn the science behind Ibogaine and how it changed and is continuously changing the lives of drug addicts, contact Ibogaine Central today and set your consultation!

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Drug addiction is a serious menace that has not only claimed countless lives but destroyed many in its wake. Among one of the most highly addictive drugs is heroin. It is mostly used as a recreational drug by youths nowadays due to its high euphoric effects. Despite its wide recreational…

Drug addiction is a serious menace that has not only claimed countless lives but destroyed many in its wake. Among one of the most highly addictive drugs is heroin. It is mostly used as a recreational drug by youths nowadays due to its high euphoric effects. Despite its wide recreational…


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