All About Ibogaine

If you are looking for an Ibogaine Treatment Center and Program, then you should have an understanding of what treatment you will receive. One of the things you should know about is Ibogaine. To understand this you should know all about Ibogaine. Here are some of the important aspects of this amazing chemical that you should know as you prepare for treatment with us.

This natural treatment is taken from the Iboga plant, which is found in West Africa. It causes mild hallucinations, which were first discovered generations ago by medicine men in Africa. It has been used for medical purposes since the 1800′s, though it wasn’t until the 1960′s that the anti-addictive properties of this naturally occurring plant were discovered. Today there are many countries that use Ibogaine for drug addiction and other medical issues.

Ibogaine Dosing and Treatment

Treatment is a little different with this medication than with other drug addiction treatments. The total process takes about 7 days, though may take a little longer depending on certain circumstances. The first two days will be spent evaluating you. The reason for this is that the staff needs to test and evaluate your medical condition and will want to get an understanding of who you are so they can give you the best environment for the treatment.

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Physical Effects

Ibogaine’s physical effects vary to some degree for every person. Most report sensitivity to movement, light and sound, a lack of hunger and a decrease in muscle coordination. Many report feelings of vibrations and oscillations.

The following effects are reported occasionally: mild tremors (shaking), nausea, and vomiting, slight changes in blood pressure, slight back pain and sleeplessness.

The potential for undesired side effects can be eliminated by avoiding any contraindicated substances prior to and during therapy, proper medical screening for any pre-existing contraindicated conditions, careful monitoring of vital signs while under the effects of Ibogaine and adequate hydration prior to and during Ibogaine therapy.

Any side effects experienced subside (fade away/stop) 24-48 hours after the onset of therapy and can be greatly differentiated from painful withdrawal symptoms from chemical dependence, which should be greatly reduced or removed through the action of the Ibogaine.

Long Term Effects

Long term effects  include freedom from drug withdrawals. cravings, and desire, reduced anxiety, depression and mania, stabilized and normal moods, and increased energy. No long term adverse effects have been reported.