How Much Does Ibogaine Treatment Cost?

There are also other expenses that one might not be able to consider. But on top of the medical professionals, the room, the Ibogaine treatment, and the staff giving you 24-hour care, there are still a lot of things needed to achieve optimal results after the entire program.

Let us help you choose an Ibogaine treatment clinic that can provide comfortable, lowest Ibogaine treatment cost with  safe, and effective services in addressing your substance addiction. Get the best services from quality medical team, effective Iboga product, and quality Ibogaine treatment.

  • The Cost of Ibogaine Treatment: Know if the Ibogaine Treatment Price is Right from Ibogaine clinic !
  • The cost of the treatment usually gets the biggest consideration for pushing through with the program.
  • Aside from the Ibogaine therapy, what other programs does the clinic offer?
  • What are their safety and security policies?
  • Will the client be safe in their hands?
  • How experienced is the medical team in administering ibogaine treatment?
  • Does the clinic offer aftercare programs and follow-up procedures after the main Ibogaine treatment?

Here at the Ibogaine Clinics Association, we provide treatment programs and services at reasonable prices. Experience a holistic Ibogaine therapy and recuperate from the devastating effects of addiction to drugs such as heroin and opioids. Start your detox journey to a clean, drug-free life that is worth the cost.

The Ibogaine treatment programs here at Ibogaine Clinics Association are composed of an individualized pre-care preparation, Ibogaine detox treatment, and aftercare program.

  • Pre-care
  • Skype or phone call pre-care counseling
  • Advanced phone medical screening
  • Special media content
  • Discreet and confidential intake
  • Family support and counseling
  • Preparation emails
  • Physical and mental preparation before ibogaine treatment
  • Detox Treatment
  • Specialized therapeutic programs
  • Medically supervised Ibogaine treatment
  • Ibogaine booster doses
  • Licensed medical staff
  • Caring therapeutic staff
  • Transformational activities
  • Healthy food
  • All-natural brain recovery supplements
  • Holistic Ibogaine experience
  • Extended Aftercare Program
  • Holistic Residential Aftercare Program (30-90 days)
  • Long-term life transition options
  • Social media support group
  • Integration coaching with a professional recovery coach
  • Integration resources
  • Brain recovery supplements
  • Skype or phone post-treatment counsel

Ibogaine Treatment Cost that is Right For You

When it comes to Ibogaine treatment cost, you must understand that with Ibogaine Clinics Association it does not only include the Ibogaine treatment itself. You must also consider your overall experience inside the Ibogaine clinic. When professional services, effective Ibogaine products and quality treatment are combined, the client will surely have a pleasant experience in his journey to overcoming his addiction.

Here at Ibogaine Clinics Association, we offer clients the best clinics for administering Ibogaine treatment. We design holistic treatment programs that promote uplifting and positive experiences for our clients. During the Ibogaine treatment and all throughout the program, the client will experience our full attention, supervision, and utmost care to ensure a higher success rate.

At Ibogaine Clinics Association, we go beyond what just Ibogaine facilities can offer and commit ourselves to provide affordable long-term services improving the quality of the programs. The Ibogaine treatment, education and professional care that we provide throughout your entire experience are the most important components that are worth paying for.

Our goal is to offer help to drug-dependent individuals who want to live a life free from substance addiction. We provide a holistic Ibogaine treatment programs that safely target the client’s addiction. This, while alleviating and eliminating painful withdrawal symptoms. We truly understand the struggles you are facing in this battle and we know exactly how much you are yearning for a life that is healthy and and drug- free.

Start your journey to a healthy lifestyle faster than undergoing the conventional treatment. Ibogaine treatment is the road to your freedom, and Ibogaine Clinics Association will be with you every step of the way. Call us today and speak with a professional staff to learn more about Ibogaine treatment.

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  • Other Ibogaine Centers
  • Cost of Ibogaine treatment
  • Ibogaine clinic cost
  • Ibogaine treatment centers cost
  • Ibogaine World-Class Program
  • Discreet and confidential Intake
  • American Ibogaine Addiction Specialist
  • Advanced Medical Screening with Registered Nurse
  • Travel Planning
  • FREE coaching with Certified Recovery Coach
  • Preparation emails starting 3 weeks before arrival
  • Physical and mental preparation before Ibogaine
  • Ibogaine detox with minimal withdrawals
  • Iboga Booster doses
  • Fully Licensed Medical Staff (Physicians, Nurses, Caregivers)
  • American Counselors
  • Compassionate and caring medical and therapeutic staff
  • Activities (May include: Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Horseback riding, Gym, etc)
  • Healthy Meals
  • Fully equipped medical facility outfitted specifically for Ibogaine treatment
  • No Pharmaceutical detox medication used, Holistic Approach Only
  • Brain and body recovery supplements
  • Additional Natural medicine work
  • Ibogaine Treatment Prices
  • Becoming part of a bigger mission and purpose
  • In-Patient Ibogaine Specific Aftercare in US which includes: Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and many other things
  • FREE Integration Coaching with certified Recovery Coach
  • Social Media Support Group
  • Email follow-up Tools for Success

Long-term life planning for the first year after treatment (Will include affordable options to move away for troubled area)

Typically, the median and “honest” ibogaine treatment cost given by an ibogaine facility would be somewhere between $5,500 and $6,500. This price range should include a good quality facility that is able to provide the best treatment, comfortable accommodation, and targeted activities.

The benefits of this price range include the following:

All our Ibogaine Centers offer Professional Treatment

The most important component of your journey to a clean life is the ibogaine treatment. Ibogaine clinics that offer services within this cost range employ licensed medical experts (including doctors and nurses) to make sure that your ibogaine experience is safe. It is imperative that there are professional staff that monitor you every now and then. This is to make sure that all your needs are met and you are making the most out of your ibogaine experience.
We cover your Pre-treatment and Post-treatment Counseling
We have found that working with a Recovery Coach prior to treatment has a major impact on the success of the treatment. As well, we offer Post treatment coaching to help integrate and make the necessary changes in life. We include this service for all of our clients because it is so important.


  1. You can expect that the facility will keep you entertained and will provide activities that will strengthen the results of the ibogaine treatment.
  2. When all of these components are combined, you have the best chance to have a positive experience with ibogaine treatment.
  3. Here at Ibogaine Central, we believe ibogaine treatment and aftercare cost must be reasonable and affordable, so our clients can get the treatment that they need to win their war against drug addiction.

Cost of Ibogaine-Assisted Recovery

  • When drug-dependent individuals seek more information about ibogaine treatment for substance addiction, one of the many questions they would ask is “How much does this treatment cost?”
  • The cost of ibogaine treatment varies depending on the programs required to effectively address the client’s needs and condition.
  • The cost also greatly differs from one clinic to another. This makes it important for those seeking treatment from ibogaine centers to consider the following important points.
  • Here at Ibogaine Central we will help you because we have already answered all these questions and can place you into the best priced Ibogaine treatment center for your needs.
  • Do some research and find out as much as you can about Ibogaine. Some people attempt to purchase this medicine plant online but the following reasons will tell you why it is a bad idea. You will not have the assurance if your supplier is a legit seller of the substance and you cannot identify if the product is real or pure.
  • The high demand of iboga has negatively affected the community and culture of the Biwiti who were the first to discover the iboga plant. This continuously rising demand for iboga has nearly wiped out the global supply of this medicine plant which can only be found in Gabon, Africa.
  • The law of supply and demand now comes into play. The lower the supply of iboga plant, the higher the cost of the iboga treatment.
  • Ibogaine is a very serious medication with real health risks, especially when working with an already weakened person in addiction. Best left to medical professionals with experience.
  • The cost of ibogaine treatment will also be affected by the length of the program. There are various options ranging from 5 – 14 days. Which amount of time is best depends on you. We always recommend an Aftercare program following the Ibogaine treatment for optimal results.
  • Here at Ibogaine Central, we offer extended stays where our clients undergo aftercare programs and therapeutic adjuncts that will allow them to get the most out of their ibogaine journey.
  • When stepping into this transitional process and choosing to live a better lifestyle, of course, one would prefer to be in a pleasant and safe environment. In most cases, one would even require their own private room. Our ibogaine treatment clinics have large medical teams that can give quality services to make your ibogaine experience worthwhile.